The Sasa’s Show is back at this Sunday with the King of Mykonos [pics]



The Sasa’s Show is back at this Sunday 9th October 2022, with the King of Mykonos. Book a table by dming us and live the experience.

Get set for fabulous Sunday at the number one party venue on the Beachfront. It’s that fantastic Sunday feeling, you know you going to have a great time with Sasa’s Show at Tropicana!

The Legendary Club Scene in Mykonos is simply unparalleled to anywhere in the world and Tropicana Beach Club is the best of the best, Tropicana drawing celebrities and tourists alike to experience nightlife at its finest.

Champagne showers
Join us every day.Discover the original vibe on the best beach party on the island. THE SASA’S SHOW,  hosted by the island’s legend SASA ‘ the King of Mykonos”
Residents Djs
Argie &Terry
Marc Code
Mcs: Arva & more

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Sunday 9th October 2022 
After 16.30 p.m
Paradise Beach

Make sure you book you VIP table before we are sold out again !!! 

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Reservation Vip Tables [ Click here]

Make you reservation by sending us a message here :
+30 6945 960300
+30 22890 23582

Rhythm, music, flirting, bodies swaying sensually create a special atmosphere you want to enjoy and squeeze until the last drop.

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