The Glamorous Principote Beach Club At Panormos Beach, Mykonos



I love Mykonos. And I love beach clubs. I’m one of those persons who enjoy the day-time more than the night-time.

I like to go to the beach, sun-bath, listen to great music and have tasty food and drinks. In other words,

I love to spend great summer days at the seaside! If you have already been to Mykonos, you know that it is a wonderful place for an holiday and there are plenty of beach clubs. A new one has opened recently.

It’s named Principote and it is located at Panormos Beach. Panormos Beach is a lovely bay in the north west of the Island. Its water is shallow, the seabed is sandy and rocks form some natural pools that are perfect for relaxing. Super!

Well, actually Principote is not exactly a new beach club. Last year it had another name and its reputation wasn’t quite good. But then they changed everything and now it is by far the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. First, the entire structure is very elegant.

principote mykonosThe Principote beach club was design by the famous architect Athanasios Kyratsoùs and I loved the attention they put on choosing great furnitures for all the areas, from the restaurant to the lounge and also the positions under the beach umbrellas.

By the way, those beach umbrellas are very unusual; they are completely hand-crocheted! Then, I found the food very good.

They use fresh, handpicked products for creating a range of Mediterranean dishes that are perfect for a day at the beach.

I really appreciated also the service, which was great not only at the restaurant but also at the beach.

The personnel is careful and not intrusive.

Principote is an exclusive location and it is the right place if you are looking for relax and glamour but, clearly, is not low-cost.

Anyway, everything is so beautiful that it is worth the money.

In particular, the quiet and secluded bay of Panormos is unmissable.

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